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I want suggestion

I'm free nowadays anybody have any suggestion for a game

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    Sorted ideas by increasing Difficulty and time, Required programming and 2D/3D art making knowledge:

    1. [Easy] PinBall Redux: Make another PinBall game with beautiful visuals, Particles and levels; Time: 2+ weeks; Platform: PC, Mobile; Additional Requirement: Must know to make 2D sprites using Paint.Net or Photoshop; Particle effect; 2D
    2. [Easy] Simple Sonic like Ball game: -Follow this tutorial a bit, Add a ball instead of Box and make it fun. Add levels, UI, Coins and diamonds, ramps and loop the loops, Make it like sonic game and interesting which I'm doing; Time: 2+ weeks; Platform: PC, Mobile
    3. [Medium] VCop like game: See gameplay of Vcop2 or run if you can on PC, It's 2D shooting / 3D, Add various scenes and bosses; Time: 3 weeks Platform: PC; Additional Req: Same as idea (1), But animation also
    4. [Hardest] Burger Shop: Try game like Used car dealer Tycoon on android or Cake shop on PC for half hour then follow: Description: In Burger shop, You own a burger shop starting with 1 table and 1 recipe, As customers come (3D Characters and animation) you have to take bread, different vegetables then put on stove, You also have to take off stove and serve without burning it and put on table. As you level up, New recipe unlocks giving you more income and perks, You buy and unlock new stove with making up to 4 burgers at a time; Time: 1+ month for around 1 hour of total gameplay; Platform: PC, Mobile; Additional Req: Bit advanced Coding, Animation, 3D modelling (Low poly at least)

    These ideas are for advance users who already made few games in 3d, Only make Burger shop if you can spare 2 months and made atleast two 3d games and know programming


  • Reply to me more about what you know like if you know basic 3d modelling, programming... What you like most making art or gameplay.

  • @PrateekPanwar646 I know c# from last 6 blender i made a earth,space station,weapons,vehicles,starship,etc cool stuffs

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