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Invoke (Solved)

FrostDevFrostDev Member
edited September 2020 in Brackeys' Tutorials

Right now im trying to use invoke for my cube runner, with the brackey unity tutorial. But when i try to run it i get an error saying "The referenced script (Unknown) on this Behavior is missing!" and my code is "Invoke("Restart", restartDelay);" but i keep getting the error and i cant resolve it, whats the issue?

Edit: i reset it and now im getting a different error "Trying to Invoke method: GameManager.Restart couldn't be called." so when i hit an obstacle or fall off the map it wont restart

Edit 2: Idk how to say it, but it was formatting


  • AryanDevAryanDev Member
    edited January 2021

    How you Fixed it can u help?

    edit: oh i understood acyually i was an idiot. :)

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