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VS Code optimisation

How do I get VS CODE to show the suggestions for the code I'm typing? It gives suggestions for only a few. But it doesn't show it for Console. I'm starting code for the first time and having this will help me out a lot.

In the above picture it doesnt show any suggestions after i typed Console. , in fact, it doesn't have any suggestions for Console.WriteLine or ReadLine either . But it has some others:

Anybody know how to fix this issue? it will seriously help me out a lot.

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  • Panda_dev9Panda_dev9 Member
    Accepted Answer


    I think you're a newbie to the community, but it's ok

    Ok, so the first issue

    So you're saying that when you write "Console." it doesn't show you any suggestions for WriteLine and ReadLine etc...

    Well that is because the editor can't predict what you want to type.

    Now you would surely be asking that "Why can't it suggest me the lines I write frequently?"

    Well take an example of you being a professional game dev trying to make some complex player movement scripts, and you have used Console.Writeline and Console.Readline very frequently, so when you write a line that is supposed to be very different from Readline and Writeline, but when you start putting down the code you want to write, you'll get annoying popups saying "Is this what to want to write?" or "Is this that to want to write?".

    So what I want to say is that this is not a bug it is kinda like a feature that does not let you get annoyed by popups

    For the second and the third one

    Now this one also may seem like a bug but I ain't one

    The suggestion for the "Console" will appear when you write "Conso".

    I hope this solved you question

    : D

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