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Just spent several hours going over most the tutorials.

Well that was a blast!!,

I just spent 3-4 hours going over the tutorials and getting a handle on what was being taught. I started having a little bit of knowledge on Qbasic, and actionscript, not much in terms of the language but an ok grasp on coding in general. After the arrays tutorial I had a few ideas in my head that had me hold off on the methods tutorial until tomorrow, ended up spending another hours or so on my idea and now have a very basic - Attack the random monster simulator.. i dare not call it an RPG but maybe the beginnings of something in my brain.

There is still more to be learned methods is going to be a whole new hole to fall into of new ideas.

if anyone is interested, and if its even allowed (had just signed up after I got done with VSCode) here is a link to the little program I made :

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