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My Algorithm for checking whole tiles didint work

edited November 2020 in Programming

hello everyone ,

I have a game and this is the appearance of game :

and my game have these rules :

so accourding to the rules i have to check whole tiles status and check that is it possible for player to put another number or not , if he can put another number i should check which tiles are available for him/her , if a tile isn't available i will add a 1 inside that tile and if it is available i dont do anything or if there is 1 inside a available tile i should clear it so accourding to what i said i write this codes but this codes didnt work correctly :

so could you help me to fix this problem.

in fact in my game i will create a random number between 1 to 9 with a random color and i want to check that is it possible for player to put that number or not accouding to the rules for example if the random number color is red and the player want to put that number inside tile 1 then i should check color rule for tile number 2 and 8 and if the color of that two tiles are in the same color group of random number i will let player to put that number inside that tile but for example if the color of tile 2 was green i should put a 1 inside tile 1 to show that , this tile is not available.

so please help me to fix this problem i check 5 diffrent ways but none of them work.


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