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Question on ideas for beginners

I started by following free tutorial from Udemy. I just completed this tutorial and I found it fun : How to make a Video Game - Getting Started.

I have completed by Jonas.

I wish to ask whether I can get new ideas for beginners on what I can write. By the word "new", I mean anything that is:

1 - freely available from any website.

2 - Preferably uses only built-in tools from unity 3d or 2d menus. That means avoid any imported free graphics. If graphics and animation must be imported, it should be at little as possible but keep the game fun and interesting.

Does anyone know any?


  • Watch this vedio Made by Jason Weimmann ..Iam still a Beginner But This vedio Helped Me a LOT in Game Developing

  • OK thanks for this but I think I found many videos by this person already. I wish to ask you the following:

    1 - You said the video helped you. Are you a programmer? Or are you someone who just googles out and tests until everything works out?

    2 - I believe some of are what I refer to as imported graphics, meaning that without the Unity store, the game CANNOT be properly programmed. This is what I meant when I say "avoid any imported free graphics".

    I don't want to make it sound like you wasted your effort replying but I found a game which I feel is simple enough and which clearly doesn't use any imported graphics. I will be starting my programming soon. You may reply if you wish to know the details.

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