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I am want to make a dialogue system but I am not sure how to exactly do it

edited February 2021 in Programming

Hello everyone!

As I said in the question I want to make a dialogue system but I am not sure how to do it since I am not that knowledgable at this (only done simple things in unity like movement,jumping and dashing).

To be more exact I am looking into a dialogue system like that in Persona where you approach a character/NPC and press a button to trigger the characters/NPCs dialogue to start and based on what answer you choose the "conversation" ends or continues

An example for what I am trying to do can be seen in this video which I have timestamped

I don't care about making the scene transition right now but actually figuring out how to make a dialogue system script which can be aplied to multiple characters/NPCs so it would be very helpful if someone could help me by giving me an example script and explaing to me how to works so I can understand it and make mine as well!

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance!😀

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