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Are nested classes the only way to restrict class access to one class?

To store data I read from an XML file, i have created a data structure as displayed in the picture above. All boxes with a numbering 1 to n are instances of a class.

First question:

Each class that can hold multiple instances of other classes does so with a list<class> element (e.g. FundamentalNamingConvention stores many UnitTypes in a List<UnitType>). Is this a proper way of doing it?

Second question:

All classes (FundamentalNamingConvention, UnitType, UnitName) are only to be accessed by the NameGenerator class. To ensure this, I could simply make all these classes be inner classes of the NameGenerator but then that file would be several hundred lines of code long.

Is there a way to have the classes stored in their separate files (e.g. UnitType.cs) but still only be accessible by the NameGenerator?

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