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How to make the Wizard tutorial program into a continuous game?

I've added player input for casting spells and meditating, but I want to make it run and accept input continuously until I terminate it. I know it involves a For Loop but I can't figure out how/where to utilize it! Any help is appreciated, thank you

Best Answer

  • HNJHNJ Member
    Accepted Answer

    declare a boolean somewhere

    run = True;

    between line 39 and 40, start your

    while run == True {

    and between line 79 and 80 end it. or I can say wrap the whole code block inside static void main in the while loop.

    And add a new Console.readline asking if player wants to end the game, if it is 'y' or 'yes', then make

    run = False

    Then when the next loop runs, variable run will be false and the loop will terminate.

    Hope this helps.


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