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i need help fast

so i am making game and created playermovement and cameramovement which makes camera follow the player from behind but i want to make camera that will be attached to player ( will follow player) but at the same time to be adjustible by player itself, so you can move cam arround player and zoom in and out.if you know any good tutorial for such cam or at least name of this type of camera movement comment plz. :)


  • You mean Third Person Camera? I do not know any tutorial but you have to keep the camera in the player hierarchy at a distance. It will follow your player. You may need a script depending on the type of your game to limit rotation. As for settings, you will have to do it via script.

  • if you go to thats the camera type i want

  • Yeah, for the gameplay, you need a Third person camera. Adjust settings via script

  • thats the problem i cant find any tutorial that might help me get the same camera type result as that, but i allready have third person camera that follows player :(

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