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question about box collider in unity

So as the first screenshot below, I was playing around with probuilder. Then I found out that at the place where the arrow is pointing my player(cube) can land and interact with it normally, but would fall right through the place where i circled out.

So i tried using box collider to fix it, but adding box collider component to the weird shape turns the weird shape, well, a box (as the second screenshot). I was hoping that i could find answers wether its transforming the box collider into a werid shape collider, or simple pointing out where i might have done wrong with probuilder.

Also, I asked a question about terrain tool yesterday on 3D art session, but nobody answered. I think it is because its more of a code problem than it is a art problem since my console is displaying weird messages.


  • jeromejerome Member

    also i just found out that if i start game at a different place, and move to the circled place i wont fall off. so is it just a bug??

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