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# Hello there!
I'm Jelly, it's lovely to meet you!

It's been my dream to work on games in some form or another for a long time now, about 6-7 years, I think.
Originally, I was planning on becoming a composer for videogames, as creating music is something I love doing, but over time, that dream shifted into becoming a Game Dev in general!

I've literally just finished school, my final exam was last wednesday, and I'm insanely excited to finally be able to further chase that dream, now that I can move on to Unity and C# instead of Java (Though Java was super cool, too!), which was necessary for school.
I have a huge amount of passion for the topic of game development, and I'm sure that'll help me overcome my all-too-common habit of procrastination, when it comes to learning Unity and C#!

# Now, some stuff about me that's not directly game development-related~

Just real quick, I identify as **Non-Binary** and use **they/them** as pronouns~!

Something I absolutely LOVE doing and have done pretty much every single day for about 10-12 years is **whistling**~! It's super fun, and I've been making "Whistle Covers" of videogame themes that I've shared with some friends and family.
I'm currently working on covering the entire Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky soundtrack! (With some breaks and procrastination in-between~)

AH And **composing music**! That's another thing that I'm incredibly passionate about! I often struggle with coming up with ideas, but if the theme I'm making has a _purpose_, like, say, representing a certain character in a game, I usually find it a heck of a lot easier to come up with and continue a track!

Another thing that I love is **singing** ! Even though I did like doing it beforehand, joining a community's singing competitions since back in mid-2018 has really caused my love for it to blossom!

**Drawing** is super fun, and I've been doing it more and more, and improving, which is awesome! I pretty much only do traditional sketches and the sort, but I do have fun making the occasional pixel art thingy digitally.

**Philosophy** and **Gender** are two things I am extremely passionate about.
(Gonna cut this here a bit short so the bio doesn't get toooo much longer~!)

**Finally, one of my greatest passions of all is "passion" itself.**
If someone does something they're passionate about, no matter if it's singing, parkour or even collecting leaves and placing them under rocks on the sidewalk, I get super giddy and excited!
As long as it doesn't harm others, I absolutely _love_ it when people just be themselves, whatever that includes!

So, thank you so much for reading this!
I wish you a fantabulous day/night~! <3


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